Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Welcome to the Series Premiere of...
Jon and Kel Plus Twelve.
While at college two summers ago my roommates and I became slightly obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus 8 (this was obviosuy before the devastating split.) We just couldn't get enough of those darling sixtuplets, snotty twins, and the dysfunctional parents. Whenever the show was on we would all gather together and prepare to waste a few too many hours watching someone else's hectic but seemingly charming life. I noticed one day while gathering for the entertainment that my roommates were notifying the others that "Kel's show is on - Jon and Kel Plus Twelve!" My roommates had apparantly declared Jon and I the next Jon and Kate due to our obvious (to them) pending marriage, the similiar husband name and ethnicity, and the inevitable cute Asian child bearing.
***Disclaimer: Never 11.
Upon the realization of my roommate forseen future I thought about fighting it. I thought. I smiled. And signed up Jon and I in my head right then and there.
So despite the breakup of Jon and Kate and their tiresome story coupled with the continued self humiliating choices of the two, Jon and I are holding strong. Because after all we've got to produce those cute Asian babies everyone keeps talking about.
So sit back, relax and enjoy the scenes from our life.
Jon and Kel Plus Twelve