Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jon and Kel Plus Twelve's Summer Premier and Finale

I felt Summer Come.

I felt it come while walking barefoot on hot pavement. I said to jon, "It's summer. We do summer!" He smiled and asked for a definition. I simply explained we are summer people. Summer makes us happy. Winter makes us sad. We don't do Winter. We do summer. He simply agreed with my declaration and said "We do do summer."

I felt summer stay.
I felt it while laying on the grass at night. I felt the cool and the warmth that only summer can place upon a night.

Jon and I did summer. Although it was different and slightly wrong to not be in Moses Lake, Jon and I managed to hold summer in our hands and squeeze tight.

Jon and Kel Plus Twelve Summer Season Clips:

- Finishing our place and feeling it become our home.

- Pretending the Pool at our complex was my pool back home.

- Watching my Brother get married to Mal and having the family all together for the celebration.

- Having a wonderful weekend with my Froommates.

- Spending 4th of July week with Jon's parents: eating yummy food, Canasta, and them buying us everything we looked at!

- Spending hours at The Farmer's Market oohing and awing and lovin the creativity.

- Becoming slightly obsessed with Grilled Corn on the Cob. Butter and Salt completes me.

- Falling in love with Peach Smoothies.

- Spending a night listening to an old favorite, Secondhand Serenade.
- Discovering Sammy's Pie Milkshakes. It's real pie!

- Making it to Washington for a short but very lovely weekend which consisted of Addy's baptism, good conversation, good food, laughter, games, and the Marble Family Reunion.
- Getting swept away into So You Think You Can Dance.

- Finally passing my test and getting a $1.50 raise. I felt like this.

- Both Expanding our domesticity ( I made Apricot Jam and Jon cooked for me!)

- Getting to spend some good time with Brandon and Mal since they are only 20 minutes away! We love it.

- Picking up a new show: Covert Affairs. Has enough suspense and intrigue for Jon and has no sick weird killing stuff for me.
- Lunch Break Dates. Best part of my day.

And then...
I felt summer leave.
I felt it leave when school crept in and kidnapped my husband. Our endless days of nothing and everything are over. The clock's hands have been released and they're ticking and tocking all over our sunshine. However Summer was polite and sentimental, allowing us the proper goodbye. It went something like this...
Stepping onto a boat
Jumping into green
Popping up on the wakeboard
First try. (both rocked it)

It was the perfect goodbye. So Long Sweet Summer.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Kind of a big deal.
So Happy.
So Blessed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just for Today.

Everyone is clicking their pencils and lugging books and I'm sitting behind a desk. Hands are raising and knowledge is transferring but the phone is ringing. It used to feel nice to have a response to that ever looming question, "What are you doing these days?" It was far better than my 2 month lasting answer of " looking for a job." But now I hear the words "office assistant" drop from my mouth and I lunge out of my body to hide and cover my ears as the words hit the floor. I'm an assistant. I spend my day fulfilling assingnments, favors, and duties for everyone else. Anyone else. My highheeled feet are poised on the floor appearing sturdy as I work. But if you looked at them closely, I'm digging my heel into the carpet and just hoping to make it big enough to fall into.
Today I want to be behind a different kind of desk obeying the orders that only come from Academia. I want to feel brilliant and shiny. I want to stretch. I want to turn pages. I want to breath ink.
I love my life. I know that I'm blessed to have a job. I know that I'm blessed to have a determined and successful husband. I know that I'm blessed to put him through school. I love my life.
But just for today, just for a moment...
I'm digging my heel into the carpet.

I just really want to finish school.