Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roommates with an F

My Freshman Summer of College was full of fun, spontaneity, sorrow, drama, and joy. All these emotions were shared with my three wonderful froommates. Roommates with an F because we weren't just girls who lived together. We were friends. In the midst of catching sun, skipping class, and TV watching marathons, the topic of boys wasn't far from our lips. We wondered who each of us would find and where our lives would take us. And then suddenly it seemed, one by one the four of us got picked away from our worn spots on the couch in Brookside 207. Dang boys.
Last weekend the four of us accompanied with those boys reunited in our old College Home away from Home...Swan Valley.It was so great to be reunited, reminisce, and enjoy.

It was nice to know...

... That we could still have slumber Parties together.

... And that we could still soak up the sun

... That we still enjoy some good lovin' food.
... That our boys could laugh and enjoy.
... And that we still could too.
... It's just nice to know that we are still more than roommates.
We are good friends.

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  1. oh kel!! :) i love this post. i haven't been able to read it... since i have no internet in my apartment (ahh!)

    overall, i love this and you.