Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Platform 9 and...

I'm convinced there are two different types of people in this world.

"Harry Potter Lovers."


"Too Cool for Harry Potterers."

With full heart and pride I declare myself as a full time member in the first group. I am a "Harry Potter lover." I've devoured all seven books multiple times and have felt a constant void since the end of the 7th. I mourned at the deaths of Dumbledore, and Sirius and I still shiver at the word Avada Kedavra. I allow Harry the credit of brilliance when really his trusted friends and luck deserve the wizarding worlds praise. With these traits that belong to the Lovers, comes the tendency to spurt Harry Potter References:

"If I just had some Gillyweed" gasped as I popped out of the swimming pool water.

"It's like we are in Diagon Alley and just stepped into Weasley's shop!" blurted as I stepped into a toy store full of talking stuffed animals, bubbles, and flying toy airplanes.

" I really could use a Pensieve and a wand right now" said forlornly on a particularly stressful day.

I reference. I reference because there is a large part of me that has confused reality with book driven imagination. And I'm perfectly content with that confusion.

But here's the thing....I have married a man that is not a Harry Potter Lover.

I have married a "Too Cool Harry Potterer."

Oh it brings such pain when I think of it. I've spent years trying to change this unfortunate choice of his and initiate him in the world of Potter Happiness. The boy has refused my persuasion, cringed at my open nerdiness, and used every opportunity to roll eyes at my clever references.

At a time where I had resigned myself to the drawn line between our book preference, my "Too Cool Harry Potter husband cracked."

The two of us; lover and too cool, walked hand in hand through the airport trying to locate our gate. We were looking for B17. As we walked, scanning the indicator signs we saw a sign reading B16 & B14 on the left. We looked to the right and saw B15 and then further down at the end of the terminal B18. B17 was missing it seemed, nowhere to be seen. As I began to ask Jon what we should do, lovely words filled my ears.

" Maybe this is like Harry Potter and we have to push through the walls like platfrom 9 1/2"

I began to correct his platform number when it suddenly dawned on me what he just said.

A Harry Potter Reference!

Much to Jon's surprise and gladness, he quickly found that one Harry Potter Reference has the effects of approximately 3 flower bouquets, 5 voluntary kitchen cleanings, and 4 bowls of buttery popcorn.

The Effect: Pure Joy.

If the boy is smart he will take advantage of this new found weakness of mine. Now, If I'm smart... I will take advantage of this small crack and slowly and stealthily, turn him into a...Harry Potter Lover!


  1. Okay! I ma so glad I found your blog and so in love with your post. I too am a Lover. That summed it all up beautifully!

  2. Platform 9 1/2, ha! I love it. I also love to see that he's cracking...puhfect.

  3. I think you are right about the two categories of people, but deep down I truly believe the "too cools" are really just "haven't discovered the love yet."

    I also think all the time how much I want a pensieve. That would be the best ever!

  4. I agree, all those potter-haters are in total denial. I could really use a nice cauldron cake and some pumpkin juice right now. In my mind it doesn't taste like pumpkins, because that would be gross.

  5. I am both too cool for Harry Potter and also NOT IN DENIAL.
    but....I do love a good movie reference, and therefore think this is the sweetest thing a boy could do.

  6. Kelsey! So happy to see your blog! My husband, at one point, was a little "too cool for wizardry school" as well. I slowly got him to read the books, but he would be fine reading one chapter at a time! Talk about torture. When he was on book 7, I was so impatient, I found myself saying things like, "Why don't you go read and I'll finish cleaning the kitchen and putting the kids to bed." That's how desperate I was for him to read it!

    I read the 7th book when my twins were newborns, and I was so involved in that world that when I'd put them to sleep, I'd wave my hand around their pack and play as if I was putting up protective spells around camp like they do so often in book 7. haha. Nerd alert.

    Long comment- but I love harry potter. It's everything I"ve ever wanted in a book series and more. Also, as we watched home videos at your house this past weekend, you were in some of them, and MAN YOU WERE YOUNG!!! It freaked all of us out! haha.

  7. The harry potter books are some of the only books cortney has ever read...I think he has read those and the book of mormon and that is it. When we watched the first movie (on opening night of course)...he whispered to me..."it's just like I imagined.". I was never more in love. I thought it was so cute.