Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A lot of It.

It's been a year.
When I think about our day: the people, the weather, the docorations, the love- it's all smile and reminiscent worthy. But admist all of this loveliness there is a quiet moment between Jon and I in the temple. While waiting for our guests to arrive, Jon and I were sitting in the Celestial Room. Our arms were touching, fingers intertwined, and mouths resting. Little words were spoken partly because our hearts were in anticpation, but mostly because I was uncontrollably crying. I'd like to think that it was a pretty cry of sorts but deep down I know the ugly cry won. I remember thinking "this dress is not a sitting dress and certainly not a crying dress, I must stop." I didn't stop. Breathing became optional. Jon just let me cry without questioning but gave me looks of perfect calm. People were handing me tissues and in between sobs I whispered "people are going to think I'm marrying you against my will!" While one hand was quietly rubbing my wet kleenex to shreds, Jon rythmically squeezed the other. It came time to move to the Sealing room; Jon, Kelsey, and the Tears entered. Thankfully, my tears eventually found company in the ones Jon shed, bringing sweet peace. It was a lovely Ceremony.

All the reasons for the tears are mostly unexplainable. But I can say a lot of it, was Love.

This past year has held joy, laughter, and growth. We've had adventures and dissapointments with sadness sprinkled here and there. Admittedly, we've slammed a few doors and kicked some walls, it was afterall our first year. We've created memories that throb with happiness. This year has held so much for us. And I can happily say,
A lot of it, was Love.


  1. Happy Anniversary Kelsey and Jon! I remember the sweet, sweet tears. What a beautiful day. I'm proud of the two of you and the couple you've become.

  2. This is a beautiful post. My goodness. I love the imagery of pretty tears and ugly tears, but my dear, I think you've only got pretty in you.