Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Anniversary Celebration

Jon and I's anniversary was lovely.
We drove down to Salt Lake and stayed a night at the Kimball (thanks Linh and Issac) We both got all dressed up and had dinner at "The Roof" restuarant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The setting is gorgeous with a view of Temple Square with the charming Christmas lights to behold. It's a gourmet buffet that costs forty dollars a person, not a typical price for our mostly empty wallets. We tried to blend in with the Ritzy diners, ya know pretend like this was an everyday occurrence. His shirt was tucked, I was wearing heels and we managed to keep our napkins in our lap. But our giveaway came when we began to eat. We commentated that food like starving reporters! "Oh honey, you've got to try this!" "This is the most tender piece of meat that I've ever eaten, "I wouldn't fill up on the appetizer salmon because this Tilapia is delicious," "This just in: they replenished the mashed potatoes." It soon became obvious to the surrounding tables that we were just dressed up poor newly weds, impostures really. But that suited us just fine. I believe commenting on food makes the taste about 10 times better, our "cover" wasn't worth giving that up. Our mouths are still watering over the Prime Rib, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Bleu Cheese Flank Steak. So delicious. The main event though, was the dessert selection spread across two tables. Oh my goodness there was individual Creme Brulee, Berry Mousse, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Canolis, and Peach filled Crepes. Jon and I were just short of drawing a map and attack plan on our fancy napkins just to be able to maximize our dessert experience. We settled for using a large dinner plate rather than the small designated one, and filled it with any sweet thing that appealed. And then we feasted.
Now I realize this may not look appetizing, but trust me it was.
This is me happy, yet miserably full. There's a thin line between the two, especially when creme brulee is involved. I'm contemplating ways to get Jon to carry me back to the hotel.
This is Jon still reliving the Berry Mousse. Although his smile looks sweet, this is not so. He had just rejected my plea to be carried home. What nerve he has.

It was truly enjoyable to spend a night together, splurge in food and calories, and celebrate our love.


  1. You're making me hungry...


  2. You guys are so cute...and Kels I had no idea what an amazing writer you are. I LOVE reading your blog. Congratulations!