Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Only Christmas Decoration

The mistletoe still hanging from my ceiling fan has helped me rationalize blogging about our Christmas. I mean, I haven't "taken" down Christmas in my house yet, so why not sneak in a report? I will add, the misteltoe was our only Christmas decoration.
There are two factors that made this Christmas so wonderful. The first being, I had literally not been home in an entire year. An entire year. That's a long time for any normal human being that has even the tiniest love for home. But a year for a girl that wants to bottle the smell of the lake in the summer time, opted to stay at home over playing with friends in Highschool, and begged to not return to college, a year is a long time. In fact I think you must times the year by approximately 5 to get the correct absence equivalent. So back to my reasons. Reason #1: I had not been home for 5 years. Reason #2: Since starting my job, Jon and I have had no longer than 4 days "vacation" together. Christmas Break was our first time together without any responsibility only fun and rest. Our break consisted of 11 days and it was glorious.
The minute I walked in my back door I became a crying mess. Just feeling that peace and comfort that only resides in your home. All my neices and nephews had rushed to the back door to give hugs and say hello to their Aunt Kiki. But upon seeing my hysterics they all gave looks of "Aunt Kiki is crazy" and scampered off. I was finally home.
The Christmas festivities were as enjoyable as ever. We spent some time at the Edwards', it was so good to see them. They are always so welcoming and make you feel so loved and cared for. We had our traditional gathering at Grandma Earls with all the Earls that could make it. We of course ate wonderfully. Christmas Day was so great. Jon and I exchanged one gift. I made him a shadowbox of his mission which he loved and he gave me a lime green yoga mat and yoga pants. Perfect. We were showered with gifts from our parents and family which we are so thankful for. We headed over to the Edwards' in the early afternoon and began making the never ending feast. We really enjoyed just hanging out over there, helping, and visiting. Wonderful day.
The rest of our time home was spent: game playing, pajama chilling, eating delicious food, never leaving the house, laughing and laughing, loving the adorable kids, putting together puzzles, and watching movies. I love that our family is such low maintenance. We are pefectly content laying around the house and just spending time together. The only discontent comes when games are played and competition begins. Although I'm pleased to share that I've learned a new coping mechanism when losing a game: As long as I've beaten my husband, I'm happy. It may seem cruel, but boy is it rewarding to beat that kid in a game.
I'm so thankful to my parents for creating a home that we all long to visit. I'm so thankful to my parents for creating a family we all long to be a part of always.
We discovered a new past time, speed puzzling. I helped with this puzzle, the boys may think they didn't need my help, but they did.
Oh the love of food shared by all family members.
Mostly how we looked all Break
Cutest. Kids. Ever.
Jon bonding with Izzy Jae. He's come a long way from calling Izzy an "It."

As always, it was horrible to leave. We had such a beautiful time that has fueled me for the past few weeks. Due to my 5 year absence from home I ovbiously have some distrust in Jon when he assures me we will be back soon. Before I walked out the door I made him pinky promise that I would be back, and back soon. He pinky promised. (deep breaths he pinky promised. breath.)


  1. yay for a post! Keep it up. And Christmas was dang fun. I think its funny how perfectly content we are not to leave the house. love you, dai

  2. My favorite thing about the last two posts? How often you mentioned wonderful food. In detail. It made me happy. I'm glad you are a food bonder! I also am so happy for your life.