Sunday, April 10, 2011

To be honest

Done with Glee's Agenda. Peace out.
daily reminder: I'm going to Mexico in FEBRUARY not tommorrow-bummer
Feels good to hear what kind of missionary my husband was.
Easter is blackened hotdogs and molly's devilled eggs
Don't know what to do with those nice things you said
recycled songs
missing my bright orange watch and pouch
measuring out my Hollandaise Sauce felt like death
"Want to watch an episode of Lie to Me?" or maybe 5?


  1. I'm done with glee's agenda too. So blatant. So dumb. (Not that I like it when they subtle ones any better.) Peace out.

  2. We LOVE Lie to Me. Soooo good. And we don't watch Glee either...and remember how the only time I've ever had Hollandaise Sauce was when you made it for me and I fell in love?

    Can we please see each other soon? And why are you going to Mexico? Jealous.

    So I've decided a must on our list this summer is camping at the lake. How do you feel about this?

    I miss you and that husband of yours. Let's have a party. Ok? Ok. :)

    P.S. The word verification this time was betscohe. Bets? Really? Yes.

  3. LOVE Lie to Me!!! Now I'm an expert when people lie to ME! lol. ok, maybe not. But I like to think I am. Good stuff!

  4. haha, I've been ranting about glee since the beginning. you should def drop by if you're in washington this summer!

  5. And I'm direly missing helicopter tails, Banana pancakes, and strangly, grumpy walks in search for food. What is this about Mexico?!

  6. Done with Glee's Agenda too!! You are so cool.