Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A College Student Now

I'm officially registered for Classes at UVU starting in the Fall.
I'm nervously excited and somehow happily scared.
I had an appointment with a school counselor today and with no knowledge of the campus I begged Jon to come with me. He obliged. When the meeting was over we walked through the halls together with Jon examining/sizing up the place.
He then concluded, "Well it seems like a pretty nice campus, the people do seem a little interesting. But I guess we are in the Liberal Arts Building... English people are weird." He gave me a sideways glance and squeezed my hand hoping get a good rise.
I just smiled and contentedly sighed, "yeah... we are weird"as I watched the girl in a Harry Potter shirt with unwashed hair light up as she discovered what was probably the perfect sentence to end her paper.
I then joined Jon in eating a mediocre pepperoni pizza while chugging awful caffeinated pop. Because I am after all a College Student Now.
Woot Woot.


  1. yay!! im so excited for you!! i heart school!!

  2. English people are totally weird, but we don't care. I am so excited for you! I wish we could be in classes together.

  3. You are killing me! blog something. What else are you doing?