Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jon and Kel Plus Twelve's Winter Season Finale:
Important Lessons Learned

- Even though I use "English Major" threateningly in a game of Bananagrams, it always seems to ring empty to this smarty pants husband.

- Italian Sodas are a must.

- We celebrate our birthdays in completely different ways. Mine involves chocolate and lots of plans. His involves Sushi and no plans.

- We are good at finding yummy places to eat/obsess over in Provo.

- Easter is honestly my Favorite Holiday. (And my husband does listen to me when I talk and talk about childhood Easter baskets full of Sees Candy and a new Swim Suit. He even surprises me with one.)

- Rexburg Trips to see Good Friends are always worth it.

- Having a set Date Night makes us both Happier.

- Jon doesn't do well with sad movies. This was manifested at the end of Life is Beautiful. I tried repeating the title thoughtfully, "Life is Beautiful Jon...Life is Beautiful" but it didn't help.

Look at that distraught face.

- We can actually bring ourselves to buy furniture for our Condo without Buyer's Remorse.

- Jon is deathly afraid of heights and due to my long list of irrational fears we thought I would be no different. No siree. I'm a heights champion and I totally impressed the husband.

Little do you know I had to do some serious coaxing to get him to stand up for this picture. He was convinced we were going to fall off the side the minute we stood up.

-We can not only survive our least favorite season of the year, but we can even enjoy it. Together.


  1. A. Cute pictures
    B. I loved your list
    C. I love you.

  2. um, gonna need to know your list of places to eat in the orem/provo. :)

    you guys are such a cute couple.

    i'm with ninja. heights are NOT cool.

  3. I loved this post, and I love the two of you, and I loved seeing you at your house. Cooome baaaack.

  4. Fun to read! Oh Provo! How I miss you :)