Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Even Though.

My older brother got married the other day.

I watched all the proper stages and transitions of the two; friendship,interests, dating, exclusive, engagement.

I helped plan the proposal.

I Oohed and Awed over wedding plans.

I attended the Beautiful Sealing.

But with all of these obvious indications of rings and love, I still was not completely convinced that my brother was married.

In the midst of happy family hugging after the ceremony, Brandon whispered to me "We no longer have to stand together in family pictures. We have spouses now!" I laughed, he laughed. Then I cried a little.

Cause even though it was slightly awkward that us single siblings constantly looked like we were married in all family pictures...

And even though we both looked forward to the day where we could join our older siblings in marital bliss...

And even though we both dreaded taking family pictures for this single awareness reason...

Brandon was a really good picture buddy.

I realized my Brother was Married Today.
Goodbye my Picture Buddy.
I will miss you.


  1. Oh Kelsey this is funny. I thought your sharpie post was funny, too. And your wanting to use the check machine was funny. (Ande's comment made me laugh, too. I could just hear it.) In fact I called your mom and we laughed on the phone about all of these.

    So glad you're blogging. I miss you.

  2. Oh Jane! Thanks so much for the support:) I'm quite enjoying my new outlet and memory preserver. I love reading your upbeat and charming blog as well.
    I miss you too.
    Summer inevitabley makes me crave homemade pickles, homemade bread, and grape juice.

  3. I think that last picture needs to be framed or made into wall paper or something else awesome.