Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lack of Restraint

One of the requirements for my job is to take an insurance exam. It's been said that taking this exam produces certification, eligibility for commision, and a lovely dollar an hour pay raise.

It's been said.

However, my experience with this test full of 21 years worth of unfamiliar material, is quite the opposite.This exam has produced a $160 hole in my pocket(it costs 80 bucks a pop), $160 worth of serious questioning of hire on my Boss's part, many declarations of "I could have passed on the first try" from my ever so confident husband, and inevitable personal disappointment due to four test failures.
And yet with these obvious negatives, my disappointment is centered on something else entirely.
You see the day of my 3rd attempt this sweetness was sitting on my door step...

Kind of cute I suppose from the over confident husband of mine.

Our deal was if I passed the test I could curl up with this little beauty.

If I didn't pass, I wasn't allowed possession of the book due to my lack of restraint and priority.

Oh how I want to be back in the world of distorted districts, skin prickling suspense, and a baker boy's charm!

Oh and I suppose a pay raise would be nice too.


  1. Yay for a loving, creative husband!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness I just finished reading the first one. So good. Did you pass your test? I hope you started reading even if you didn't :) I know it's taking all I have not to just sit and read those books all day. All I have.

  3. Your blog works now :). YAY! Also. Jon is really nice. Also. I hope you pass the test.